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Our mission to you
Your Clients
Our goal is to support you in giving your clients the best protections and risk management strategies so you can implement your full vision for them.
To partner with you to provide quality, properly designed living benefits from a Certified Health Insurance Specialist (CHS).

You have your own areas of expertise or interest, let us handle the Living Benefits.
  1. Disability - Employee
    We will design and follow through the underwriting process a disability plan suited to your client based on the quality of the language and benefits in the policy, matched to your clients budget
  2. Disability - Owner
    We will design and follow through the underwriting process an income and expense disability strategy to ensure that not only is the owner protected but that the business can continue in their absence.
  3. Disability - For Employees
    Ouside of a group benefits plan, We will structure a Wage Loss Replacement Plan (WLRP) or "grouped" plan to cover all employees or an eligible class.
  4. Ownership Disability
    Just as in situations of a partner or shareholder passing away, Buy Sell agreements can be made for disabilities. This is an important, often overlooked agreement that should be funded. We do not handle the agreement itself but can structure and submit the DI policies to fund it.
  5. Hard to ensure clients
    Do you have special risk clients for Life, Disability, Health insurance, Critical illness? We may be able to help
  6. Group Benefits
    Our team can work with your business clients to find quality , reasonably priced Group Benefits.

How it works

There are few different structures for our partnership. All of which have you as their servicing agent and them as YOUR client after policy delivery. We want to assist you to service YOUR client. 
1) We meet the client together and attend all meetings as a team. We are the servicing agent through to delivery, Agent of record change to you at policy delivery. 
2) We handle the case start to finish after an introduction without your involvement. Agent of Record Change at delivery.
3) No client involvment, acting as consultant directly to you. You are the servicing agent start to finish.
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