Certified Health Insurance Specialist

We know your family and business does not need to be financially at risk from Health, Tax, or Retention and productivity issues. We manage and transfer the risk. 
  1. Strategies for Families and Professionals
    Strategies for Families and Professionals
    We focus a holistic approach to risk management on your family and small business. We can ensure that when a health concern affects your family you won't need to worry financially.
  2. Transfer Business risk
    Transfer Business risk
    There is risk in any business, make sure your time, sweat and financial investment is not washed away by a heath concern for you, a business partner or key employee. We can also structure tax free retirements for business owners using corporate Retained earnings.
  1. Personal Attention
    Personal Attention
    We will meet in your home, or in our Modern office at a time convenient to you.
  2. Service
    We offer a range of services including annual reviews and on demand advice free of charge.
  3. Excellence
    We strive to bring the highest quality of customer service to all of our clients, big or small.
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